Royal Family Assorted Mochi Rice Cakes - Red Bean, Sesame & Green Tea, 450 g

A selection of sweet, supple Taiwanese mochi flavours.



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Whether its the roasted sweetness of sesame, the crisp bite of coconut or the indulgence of matcha green tea or azuki red beans that makes your taste buds feel like royalty, treat them to this decadent assortment of delicate mochi rice cakes. 15 fluffy mochi bites each filled and coated in a choice of 3 popular flavour combinations, try a pick of sesame-filled mochi coated in shredded coconut or matcha or a classic red bean mochi in a uniquely crunchy sesame seed layer. Savoury-sweet treats ideal for sharing among friends and family. Halal certified. Produced in Taiwan.

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