Warabi Mochi - Yuzu Flavour

Simple, squeezable treats bursting with succulent yuzu flavour.



The perfect pick-me-up snack to replace lost salts and rejuvenate your energy with a sour squeeze of yuzu, these 6 lusciously sweet jelly sweets provide quick and fun refreshment to help you bounce back after a busy day. Superb as a post-exercise treat and simple to eat for all ages, each of these handy jelly snacks pops open with just one squeeze, giving you an instant chewy bite of vitamin C-rich jelly made with real Japaneseyuzu juices. Flavoured with Nuchima-su’s Okinawan salt for a juicier bite of fruitiness, this mineral-rich jelly gives you a burst of tasty nutrition that can be kept chilled for those extra tiring, hot summer days.

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